Firefighting zone Wallonie Picarde chooses VERDI-FIRE

Firefighting zone Wallonie Picarde chooses VERDI-FIRE

The province of Hainaut is divided in 3 Firefighting zones (Zone de Secours Hainaut-Est, Zone de Secours Hainaut Centre en Zone de Secours de Wallonie Picarde). Zone de Secours de Wallonie Picarde (WAPI) is located on the westside of the province and is so extended that it borders on 6 other Firefighter zones in Belgium and alsof or a big part on France.

The Firefighting zone can appeal to 621 firefighting men/-women, of which approximately 70% are volunteers. They are managing the safety of 320.000 citizens spread over 19 Townships.

In order to optimise and perfect the functioning of the zonal alarm and dispatch of people and resources, a new solution needed to be found.

Next to the necessary functionalities, the Firefighting zone had a great focus on interzonal functioning with the bordering Firefighting zones, adjustability of the solution upon the zone’s organisation, integration with other systems and the general usability.

VERDI-FIRE has been chosen as the best solution out of all different solutions that were presented.

Firefighting zone ZS de Wallonie Picarde is now the 2e zone who chooses for our solution within the province of Hainaut (next to Firefighting zone ZS Hainaut-Centre), by which a seamless collaboration is guaranteed.

“We are incredibly happy to have Firefighting zone ZS de Wallonie Picarde as new customer. In the past we we never had any direct contact, although we quickly noticed that our solution would be the ‘best fit’ for them. And this not only because of the required functionalities but especially because of the fact that in the future the interzonal and interprovincial functioning can be optimized. The treatment of an incident or first aid may never stop at the borders of a Firefighting zone or at the borders of a province. With VERDI-FIRE each Firefighting zone can keep their unique way of working, but collaboration with surrounding Firefighting zones can automatically be started when it would be considered as necessary.

We also would like to take the opportunity to investigate any possible cooperation with Firefighting zones in France. At the end….. an incident doesn’t take into account any country borders.

With this deal we also enforce our partnership with Microsoft. The solution will be fully externally hosted by Microsoft Azure. This is a tendency which we notice in the market and according to us this the most wise choice. By choosing fort his set up the Firefighting zone can focus on their core activities, namely first aid and we as a company can have the full responsibility of our offered solution.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Erik Buckens – managing director Verdi 

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