Fire Department Brabant-Wallon chooses VERDI-FIRE

Fire Department ZS Brabant-Wallon chooses VERDI-FIRE.

After an in-depth and intense tender procedure, Fire Department Brabant-Wallon has opted for the alarming and dispatching solution from Verdi. This makes them the 6th consecutive fire department to opt for our VERDI solution since its launch 1 year ago.

The emergency assistance zone Brabant-Wallon has been active since April 2015 and provides fire and medical assistance for the entire province of Brabant Walloon. With 400,000 inhabitants in 27 municipalities, the zone accounts for more than 22,000 interventions annually. The zonal dispatch is managed from the Nivelles station where the central management is done of more than 400 firefighters / women who are spread over stations in Braine l’Alleud, Wavre, Tubize, Jodoigne and Nivelles.


VERDI-FIRE: what does this mean for Fire Department Brabant-Wallon?

In the event of an incident, citizens contact the NC112, which in turn forwards everything to VERDI.

In a fraction of seconds, VERDI will:

             ·    Interpret what happened (fire, accident, injuries….)

             ·    Determine location-dependent actions (eg motorway =  vehicle signaling required, city center = certain vehicles can (not) be used, border of the

                province = notify other fire departments for assistance …)

             ·    Determine what resources are needed:

                       ·    Which people / competences (firefighter, medical, driver, …)

                       ·    What vehicle types (autopump, ladder, command center, …)

             ·    Find who is available NOW with the right competences and calculate how quickly they can be on site

             ·    Alert the Fastest possible Adequate Help via pager, smartphone, telephone …

             ·    In order not to waste time, upon arrival in the station:

                       ·    Intervention info is played over the PA system using text2speech

                       ·    All relevant info will be displayed on info screens

                       ·    The correct gates are already open, the lights are on

                       ·    A scramble sheet with incident information is available in the vehicle

             ·   To then guide everyone to the location of the incident (GPS control, track & trace, …)


Arrived at the incident, the persons on-site can :

             ·    Take additional actions such as asking for reinforcement

             ·    Consult environmental information via integrated map layers

             ·    Share information with the central dispatch or others



Assistance on an incident, does not have to stop at the territory border of a Fire Department.

By using VERDI, Fire Department Brabant-Wallon will optimize its  own operational processes, while also being able to work closely with the surrounding departments.

Fire Department Brabant-Wallon is localized very central in Belgium and has no less than 7 other fire departments zones as neighbors. It goes without saying that in case of urgent incidents at the boundary of the zones, people / resources from other zones can be on site faster than their own people.

This automated “interzonal” operation will be possible with VERDI. Fire departments can work together as if they are 1 whole and effectively provide the Fastest Adequate Help, across the zone boundaries.



Fire Department Brabant-Wallon has opted for a full Cloud solution.

The VERDI software, as well as the peripherals needed to be able to integrate with the NC112 (XML2FIRE) and the hardware needed to alert people (Astrid radio, HTTP2PAGE, SMS, …) are hosted / managed on Microsoft Azure and in our own VERDI data center. We offer a redundant solution, with 24/7 support for the whole. The customer no longer has any concerns and can fully focus on his core business : emergency assistance and helping people in need.


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