VERDI-FIRE  has been used for more than 20 years as an alarming and dispatching solution for the fire brigade in Belgium.

What once started as an alerting tool for local fire stations, has since grown into a total solution for zonal / interzonal / provincial alarming and dispatching.

With more than 19 implemented solutions, VERDI-FIRE is the reference in Alarming and Dispatching for the fire brigade!




In the event of an incident, the citizen contacts the NC112, which in turn forwards everything to VERDI.


  VERDI will in a fraction of seconds :

           ·    Interpret what happened (firen accidenbt, injured,…)

           ·    Determine location dependent actions (eg. signaling vehicle is required, we need to notify other zones….)

           ·    Determine what resources are needed:

                       ·    Which people/competences (firefighter, nurse, driver,…)

                       ·    Which type of vehicles are required

           ·    Search who is available NOW with the right skills and calculate how fast they can be on-site.

           ·    Alert the Fastest Adequate Help via their pager, text message, phone, VERDI APP,…

           ·    In order not to lose time upon arrival at the station:

                       ·    All relevant info is shown on info screens

                       ·    Correct gates are already open, lights are on.

                       ·    A scramble sheet with incident info an a route/map is printed and ready at the vehicle


   On the way to the incident, the fire brigade can use the VERDI MOBILE tablet in the vehicke :

           ·    consult the route, including different map layers

           ·    view incident information and further communication with other vehicles and dispatch

           ·   report vehicle status


   Upon incident arrival you can use VERDI for :

             ·    taking additional actions such as calling renforcement

             ·    consult environmental information via integrated map layers

             ·    shar information with centrale dispatch or others




FIRE custOmers




Years experience

VERDI-FIRE is permeated by years of focus on alarming and dispatching in the fire service. This experience is reflected in the often very detailed options and functionalities. VERDI-FIRE was created for and together with our various customers (volunteers, professionals, mixed corps,…)


Alarming and dispatching without technical limits.

Decide for yourself how you want to work (post, cluster, zone, interzonal, provincial, national,…the universe…), for which incident, at which times, with which people…

Use the communication channels you choose yourself when you need them.


Decide for yourself what the screens should look like and focus on the information that is important to you.

Prefer to use lists? Prefer to see everything on a map?

Not only gain insight into your data, but also into that of the neighbours!


Let the system work for you. Present a problem/incident to VERDI with various factors and constraints to be taken into account. Let VERDI calculate the best possible solution. The SAH? The most economically advantageous? The solution that takes into account professionals and volunteers?


Innovation as a facilitator for, among other things: dynamic alarm via text2speech, social media integration, BOT interaction,…