Verdi has a wide portfolio of communication solutions.

These are offered stand-alone or integrated with our Verdi software.



The device has been designed with a focus on reliability and stability. It has built-in 4G modems with watchdog mechanism. The device is equipped with external LTE antennas. The SMS box has a built-in SQL database for secure storage of messages. A built-in SNMP agent makes it possible to constantly monitor the performance of the SMSEagle.

Can be offered with 1, 2 or 8 SIM card slots. An average of 30 text messages can be sent/received per minute per SIM card.


If you do not wish to work with an SMS Gateway, we can offer an SMS cloud service. You can send and/or receive up to 250 text messages per minute. If desired, you can also request your own 4-digit shortcode.


The innovaphone VoIP gateways form the interface to other networks and at the same time are the lean hardware platform for the innovaphone IP telephony and Unified Communications solution.

  • A wide range is available, ranging from 2 to 250 channels.
  • No server needed
  • SIP, ISDN or analog connections
  • Energy saving without fan
  • Integration of analog devices


In terms of Astrid paging, we work together with TPL and Swissphone.

We can offer different models depending on your actual needs and requirements such as :

  • Atex proof, lone worker,…
  • Feedback options
  • Network fall-back capabilities : integration SMS, BLM
  • Robustness – design

We also offer Oelmann pagers for non-Astrid pagers.


Sepura, Motorola and Vokkero radios can be provided.

The Sepura radio SRG3900 is also standard integrated with our VERDI software and can also be built into vehicles if desired.




Communication material is nothing without good coverage.

That is why we also offer Procom antennas, whether or not combined with Profilant combiners.