VERDI-INDUSTRY is our notification solution for companies.

Initially developed as a full Critical Incident Management system where we can use the full suite of functionalities as developed for the Fire Brigade Zones, we can also offer smaller partial solutions.

Critical Incident Management

In the event of an incident, VERDI will take the necessary actions, depending on the location on the site, type of incident, time,… This can be done fully automatically or manually.

We inform and alert the right people according to planning, availability,..  This alert can be made via pager, telephone, SMS, mobile app,..

We monitor the complete handling of the incident centrally, just as they do at the fire brigades. Quick response calls, overviews of resources called, reinforcement to requests from specific persons or functions,…

Combine this with control of information screens, sound sirens or play specific information on PA systems,….

Technical alert handling

Integrate VERDI with your internal fire control solution and decide for yourself for which type of alarms we should or should not take action and what we should do.

Connect to various sensors and monitor whether systems are still active or monitor temperature, pressure, consumption, location, …

If something happens that is not normal, decide for yourself what the actions should be. Notify an internal technician on duty? Call the site manager? Turn off machines? Configure VERDI as you wish and automate the handling of these alarms.


Emergency Plan activation

Configure the different emergency planning scenarios and let VERDI guide you through the activation.

Alert the right people. Or do a pre-alert inquiry first to pass on their real-time availability. Both internal and external persons can be involved.

Keep a log with information and images. Who said/did what. Control information screens, notify people on-site with the necessary instructions, view intervention sheets or other information on a map overview of the site, notify local businesses,…

Forward the most up-to-date information to the parties involved at any time. This way, everyone is constantly informed with the right information.


Notification center

Send messages (scheduled or instant) to a specific group of people.

Take into account their function, schedule, their presence or even location within the company.

Provide specific information such as instructions, reminder info, images,…

Use the means of contact of your choice such as Text, telephone (text2speech), mobile app, mail,..