Firefighting zone Hainaut Centre chooses VERDI-FIRE

Firefighting zone ZS Hainaut Centre chooses VERDI-FIRE

After an intense tendering procedure, where Belgian and even solutions from abroad were evaluated, Firefighting zone ZS Hainaut Centre decided to automize the full zonal alarm and dispatching with VERDI-FIRE.

During the procedure there was a high focus on specific technical and functional requirements. These not only needed to be presented and explained on paper, but also needed to be shown during a live demonstration.

VERDI got the best scores!!

Some figures of Firefighting zone ZS Hainaut Centre :

  • 570.000 citizens in 28 Townships
  • 650 firefighters (350 volunteers, 300 professionals)
  • 10 firefighting posts
  • 12.000 firefighting interventions
  • 29.000 medical interventions
  • Comprises 70% of all SEVESO companies in the province of Hainaut

VERDI will be not only be applied for alarm and dispatching, but also as a mobile solution “in the field”, e-loket, reporting towards the government,…

We are very satisfied that with VERDI we were able to show that with our solution we could cover the wide scope of requirements which were requested by the Firefighting zone. The investment of the past 2 years seems to be the right decision. Alarm and dispatching is what we do…the only thing we do… and we want to be the best in it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Erik Buckens – managing director Verdi

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