Alarmering & Dispatching for Seveso companies, intervention teams, field technicians, customer service,…

                                              Used by:

                                                         – Internal / external intervention teams (alarm, inform, …)

                                                         – Field service technicians (route calculation, track & trace, tasks, in between jobs, ETA, …)

                                                         – SEVESO companies (alarming procedures, disaster scenario’s, contingency actions, …)

                                                         – Every company that wants to respond with the correct resources in case of incident / demand for intervention or help / …

Planning & availabilty

Planning per individual, team, competence,... including replacement and back-up.

Integration with back-end systems, Active Directory, badge, planning software,...

Flexible on-the-fly avilability updates via pc, mobiele app, text, auto-dialing, ...).

Real-time auto-check and alarming in case of shortages.

Automation & integration

Track & Trace with real-time visualisation (GIS)

PA : dynamic sound management and text2speech

PLC integration - Connected devices - Sensors

GPS integration - Info screens - ...

ERP integration (incident/service order, HR,...)


Multi-channel entry of incidents coming from ERP, webportal, sensors, phone,...

Intelligent alarming with dynamic adjustments depending on situation, location, time,...

Waterfall alarms with receipt confirmation and fall-back scenario's.

Multi-channel (mobile app, social media, auto-calling,...)

planned interventions

Create planned intervention tours.

Manual/automatic dispatching.

Route follow-up with intermediate status notification

On-site demand of additional resources

Intervention report

Choose the perfect plan

Choose the plan that best suits you. Get access to the complete VERDI solution, and only pay for what you use.


Alarm & Communicate

  • Manual alarming
  • Communicate through SIP, SMS, IVR
  • ERP integration possible
  • Support on demand
  • Cloud only


static alarming

  • VERDI Basic, completed with :
  • Automatic (static) alarming
  • Manage Planning & Availability
  • Real-time availability adjustments
  • Integration with pheripherals (sensor,...)


Dynamic alarming

  • VERDI Standard completed with :
  • Dynamic alarming
  • Planned interventions
  • Integration possible with PA, PLC, GPS, GIS
  • Support during office hours
  • Cloud or on-premise possible


dynamic alarming (24h/7d)

  • VERDI Pro completed with :
  • Support after office hours
  • Scale-up # dispatchers
  • Scale-Up # sites
  • Activation DRP possible
  • Software customization possible