We have over 18 years of experience in making solutions for the fire department. Once started with dispatching of local fire departments, afterwards zonal dispatching and interzonal / provincial alarming and dispatching.

With 23 rescue zones, VERDI is thé reference for Alarming and Dispatching for fire brigade zones.






years experience

VERDI-FIRE is imbued with a long-standing focus on fire brigade alarming and dispatching. This experience is reflected in the often very detailed functionalities. VERDI-FIRE is made for and together with our various customers (volunteers, professionals, mixed forces, …)

Alarming and dispatching without technical limitations.

Decide for yourself how you want to work (post, cluster, zone, interzonal, provincial, national, … the universe …) for which incidents, at what times, with which people …

Use the communication channels that you want and use them how en when you need them.

Decide for yourself what the screens should look like and focus on the information that is important to you.

Do you prefer to use lists? Do you prefer to see everything on a map?

Get visibility into your data but also that of your connected neighbor zones!

Present a problem / incident to VERDI with various factors and limitations/constraints that it must take into account. Let VERDI calculate the best possible solution. The SAH? The most economically advantageous? The solution that takes both professionals and volunteers into account?

Innovation as a facilitator for: dynamic alarm via text2speech, social media integration, BOT interaction, …